Episode 39 – Matt Baume of The Sewers Of Paris

After a bit of an hiatus I’m back! This week it’s a long distance phone chat so if there are moments of delay then blame the miles!

This week it’s the turn of the marvellous Matt Baume of The Sewers Of Paris podcast. I’m an avid listener to Matt’s show and(once you’ve listened to mine)I recommend you head over there and subscribe.

Matt is pretty prolific in his endeavours. He has also written for ‘Rolling Stone’, ‘Vice Magazine’ and ‘The Advocate’ to name but a few.

He is also author of the book ‘Defining Marriage’ – which is now a podcast aswell!

In May he launches yet another podcast entitled ‘Queens Of Adventure’ which is based on his live show ‘Dungeons and Drag Queens’. This is also leading Matt to RuPaul’s Dragcon where he will host a special of the show there.

Matt is a witty and charming individual who I really enjoyed chatting to. I turn Matt’s big question to his guests – ‘What was the entertainment that changed your life?’ – on him and got some great answers.



One of Matt’s many YouTube videos and a favourite of mine –