Episode 37: Eric Marcus and Making Gay History

This week’s episode is with the man behind one of my favourite podcasts, ‘Making Gay History’ – Mr Eric Marcus. What an honour!

Eric has recorded decades worth of interviews with LGBTQ heroes and civil rights activists. Some of them extremely well known – Ellen DeGeneres, Larry Kramer, Vito Russo and Marsha P. Johnson for example – and others that should and will become better known due to the type of documentation Eric has put together.

We chat about his work as an author, working with Robbie Rogers and Greg Louganis. We discuss his book ‘Is it A Choice?’ which helps to answer myriad questions that often pop up regarding homosexuality.

This is one of my favourite conversations and sincerely hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Please find the links to ‘Making Gay History’ below.


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