Episode 36: Mark Farrelly – Life, Quentin Crisp and all between

This week I am joined by my friend and fellow actor chum Mr Mark Farrelly.
I had the pleasure of working with Mark in the summer of last year and really connected with him.

He is a very wise soul and a strong ally to the LGBTQ world.

Amongst other projects Mark has been touring the UK for a fair few years with his one man show ‘Quentin Crisp – A Naked Hope’ – We discuss his relationship with Mr Crisp and we discuss how that through chaos and disorder in his own life he eventually found solace in Quentin.

We talk through his other one man show ‘The Silence Of Snow’ about the life of author Patrick Hamilton.

He talks about the connections to both men and how some of life’s heartbreaks and losses have inspired him to write some of his strongest material and also how to be a better listener to others who need an ear.

He talks through his time at Cambridge and some of the significant insecurities that were born of that time, and how he over dosed on learning.

A pleasure to listen to and chat with – Enjoy!!

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