Episode 31: Time for a Whisky with Bev Rage – Of ‘Bev Rage and the Drinks’

Episode 31 sees me in a conversation with the inimitable Bev Rage of the Chicago Queercore punk band ‘Bev Rage and the Drinks’.

Bev (sometimes Beverley/Josh)is the lead singer and punk drag creation.

We chat about her origins playing in bands in Cleveland, Ohio and how her/his desire to bring queerness to punk music and to steer away from the ‘four white guys in a van’ scenario began.

Bev tells us the origins of ‘Beverley’ and how she met fellow bandmate Aaron on the streets of Chicago whilst he was selling ice cream and Bev was selling plasma!

We discuss the importance of drag on popular culture and Bev’s connections with the Chicago drag scene.

From their first gig supporting Pansy Division to the release of their current brilliant EP ‘Honk If Yer Hungry’ – (on iTunes and Bandcamp,Spotify etc )it’s a whirlwind ride and not one for the fainthearted.

Ladies and Gentlemen……. Ms Bev Rage.
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