Episode 24: Dale Page – Musical Mates with Dale Page

This week I’m joined by my lovely chum Mr Dale Page. His extensive musical theatre background and all his stories from his travels make for a super fun chat.

We discuss his time hanging with Cate Blanchett in Australia to his early years through stage school, the Brit School and finally drama school.

We chat through our time working together and how our friendship began.

Dale talks about his passion for Britney Spears and how she has been a bit of role model for him!

Dale also, very honestly, shares his journey through depression and and his road to recovery. He talks about being part of the world tour of the all male ‘Pirates Of Penzance’ and the adventures that lead to.

One of the nicest people on the planet with a talent to match his personality, I hope you love this chat as much as I did.

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